Gentle Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center


Teree Saenz

Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife

Of all of the the things I love about God, His artistry and creative nature have to be one of my favorites. Here He designed this woman to grow and carry her child, to labor for that which she has guarded in her womb, and to birth and bring forth something He spoke life and purpose to long, long ago. And then, this baby brought earthside is again nourished by the one who carried him. What an amazingly powerful design. You, sister, were born to do this. Everything you need is already on the inside of you. I am honored to be a stage hand in your journey to one of the most powerful ministries there is....motherhood. 

   I believe that every woman should have easy access to quality midwifery care, regardless of her demographic background. I am on a mission to see this come to fruition. My heartbeat is to narrow the gap between the devastating disparities and birth outcomes that exist among African American women, women of color, and low income and impoverished communities. Making quality midwifery care easily accessible to these communities, while providing and maintaining quality continuity of care for all women, echoes my heart’s desire to celebrate the unique story of each individual. I have the pleasure of being able to serve clients in both English and Spanish, and take pride in being able to minister to women in their native language. I believe in empowering families through education and informed decision making, and it is my desire to see all families thrive and flourish, one healthy pregnancy and birth at a time. 

   I witnessed my first birth at the age of 15, and some 12 years later it is even more exhilarating than it was the first time! I find myself marveling at the very intricate handiwork of Christ, not only as the author of creativity, but as my father. The sight of a mother allowing her body to labor and work according to its perfect design to bring forth life is indescribably humbling. And the harvest....oh what a harvest! There is this moment, when a mother takes that first look into the eyes of her child, when a dad marvels at the strength of this woman who has just birthed their baby, when this tiny unadulterated miracle happens. Time stops...just for a moment, and a family is born. I say, catching babies is like shaking hands with God, over and over again.

   My formal midwifery training began in 2012, but my work in birth started in 2003. The first 10 of those years were spent serving as labor support for families during birth and the immediate post partum. During approximately 3 1⁄2 years of that time, I also served as a patient care technician in labor and delivery, post partum, and newborn nursery. I have completed a rigorous midwifery clinical apprenticeship, and had the privilege of being trained under the wisdom and instruction of some of the most amazing midwives this side of Texas. I maintain good relationship with my preceptors, and they continue to be a source of wisdom, counsel, and encouragement as I continue my journey. I have attended over 200 births during the course of my clinical training, and served as primary care provider under supervision for 50+ births. In 2015, I received my national Certified Professional Midwife credential by the North American Registry of Midwives after passing my certifying exam, and was also decreed a Licensed Midwife by the state of Texas. I am a member of the North Texas Midwives Association. I maintain current certification in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation as a healthcare provider. 

   I am currently doing life with my amazing husband, Lio.  Together, we have the joy of raising five amazing children: Noah, Elijah, Judah, Isaiah, and Abigail.