Gentle Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center
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After 3 hospital births we decided to go the natural rout with baby #4 & 5 & so glad we did! In July 2016 we delivered our son, Colten with GBBC with Ann as my midwife and Hannah as my student midwife. 7 short months later we had another sweet bundle (#5) on the way and he arrived a week late this past December at home in the water with Michele, who oh so graciously took on the role as my midwife when Ann passed away during my pregnancy...& Hannah, again as my student midwife who took on Primary care for me under Michele's supervision. With all that said, I wouldn't go anywhere else to have my babies. These beautiful ladies become more like family and are always there for you, day and night, not just for appointments...but any calls or texts if you need to talk, need prayer, encouragement (which a lot of mommas need during pregnancy) and all around support. They are so faithful and do their job with much grace. Not to mention they're all so easy to talk to and hilarious, all while being very professional. All of the staff at GBBC will welcome you with open arms (literally) they give the best hugs. And of course they love their mama's that they're caring for...but they also love the rest of your family and include them in whatever possible. I encourage any mommas or soon to be mommas to use a midwife through Gentle Beginnings. You will not be disappointed!

— Valori King, March 21, 2017


I am so thankful I found GBBC! I've always had a hard time in hospitals (they give me anxiety) and I am a strong believer in natural birth. I love how it's a calming, loving environment and I actually look forward to my appointments. My midwife (Cheryl) is so wonderful, you just know she's not only knowledgeable but passionate about what she does and truly cares about her patients. It's not just her profession, it's her calling. This is my second pregnancy and I can't imagine birthing anywhere else. Looking forward to the beautiful peaceful room and birthing tub.

— Brooke Louvier, March 11, 2017


After watching the documentary on Netflix called "The business of being born" I knew wanted something different. So after trying for weeks to get my OBGYN on board with my birthing plan i gave up. I knew if i stepped foot inside that hospital I would become just another patient they wanted to quickly get in and out.

So I called Gentle Beginnings when i was 36 weeks pregnant and desperately trying to find someone who would do all they could to give me the birth experience I so desired. Being so late into my pregnancy i wasn't sure if it would even be possible to still be seen but Michele Massey accepted the challenge. I have never been more grateful to a stranger who eventually became anything but that. For the next 5 weeks, week past my due date, I was cared for by these absolutely wonderful and caring women. I cant even being to explain how amazing this experience was and what it meant to have such wondeful midwives (Michelle and Melissa) take care of not only me but my family. I love them and would reccomend Gentle Beginnings to anyone!

Waiting for my 3rd so i can do it all over again but this time Gentle Beginnings is where i will begin!

— Brittany Jones, March 8, 2017



Absolutely love Gentle Beginnings.
The best things about them (in no particular order):

1. Andrea (front desk) she is so sweet! 
2. Their birth center (it is so beautiful and homey!) 
3. Their midwives! 
I am familiar only with Teree and Michele. Both are outstanding and embody what it means to be a midwife. I love them both!

I have not a single negative thing to say. I often think about my experience, and I just cannot get over how beautiful it was. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Teree. She is so observant and well in tune with her clients. She will become more than just your midwife, but your friend. I believe that is a defining and essential aspect of what sets midwifery apart and creates a truly calm, fearless and welcoming atmosphere for birth.
Michele has such a beautiful heart. She is strong and informative, and although she was only my assistant, I treasure the comfort she gave me after my daughter was born.

I will always have my babies with these women and will never stop suggesting them to all of my friends!

-Mallory Martin, March 8, 2017


Gentle Beginnings is family. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, day in and day out. I cannot even describe the love I feel for my midwife, Michele. She helped me bring both my babies into the world, and I will never birth without her! GBBC is not your everyday, run of the mill prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. It's hugs and tears and prayers and, "you can do this, mama." It is support when you need it and the freedom to chose the exact birthing experience you want. The midwives, student midwives, and the office staff are out of this world, and truly care. (Once I arrived early and they suggested I go take a nap in one the rooms!) I cannot recommend them enough.

The legacy that Ann Crowell built and now has left behind is beyond amazing. Her midwifery knowledge and mama bear persona has trickled down into each of the midwives at GBBC, making them all five stars. I know she's watching over all of them as they carry on her legacy and continue providing extraordinary care. I am so, so glad I found them. They make me want to keep having babies just to birth with them! I am eternally grateful.

— Haley Barton, January 11, 2017


This was my 5th child. My first 4 were at a hospital. My wife talked me into Gentle Beginnings and I am glad we did it. Great experience I recommend everyone going through a midwife, it was like a family.

— Don simpson, December 14, 2016


"I had the best experience of my life with Ann and Michele. I'm so short of words. I love everything about GBBC.

— Adaeze Ekeleme, August 26, 2016


I couldn't ask for a better place or better people to help with this journey. Cheryl West is amazing and I am so happy to have her as my midwife.

— Alicia Edwards, August 5, 2015