Gentle Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center


michele Massey

Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife

I believe that the good Lord has every detail, even every little thing we have yet to think of, carefully designed and planned out. I continue to be amazed by every birth, mother and by every baby. A woman’s body is an incredible and powerful machine that inherently knows how to birth a baby if allowed to do so. While an out of hospital birth is not for every pregnancy, a healthy low-risk woman can have a wonderful, fulfilling and spiritually enlightening experience. I am honored to be present at every birth and will provide and utilize the knowledge and skills I have acquired.
I am certified by the North American Registry of Midwives and by the state of Texas. Upon discovering that midwifery care existed, I researched and read everything I could get my hands on related to natural birth. I KNEW I was going to have my babies naturally one day. It was several years later before I finally heard the Lord speaking to me, telling me I was to become a midwife. I was clueless about where to begin and sought out the only source I knew of; Ann Crowell. After spending a day shadowing appointments and feeling bellies I knew where the Lord was calling me. I jumped at an opportunity to work the front desk at GBBC and it was only a few months later that I finally witnessed my first birth.

I began apprenticing with Ann in September 2010 after working as receptionist at Gentle Beginnings. I have since been to over 240 births with Ann and each of the midwives at GBBC, over 60 of which I have been the primary care provider. I have the support and availability of each midwife as needed and can always refer to them for consult. I am quite blessed to have trained with Ann and the midwives at GBBC. 

More personally, I have been married for 10 years and have 3 fur-babies. I gave birth to our first born at home in April of 2013, a beautiful daughter we named Harper and then I gave birth to our second daughter Violet, also in our home in January 2015. It was incredible to finally experience everything I had witnessed and observed over the last few years.

I grew up with two younger brothers whom I am still very close to. Surprisingly when I began my midwifery training my grandfather learned that his mother (my great grandmother) had assisted birthing women when he was a child. His sister said “don’t you remember waking up to dad trying to prepare breakfast and get us kids out the door? Mom was at a birth those times.”

I am honored to be following in her footsteps.