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Hannah DAVIS

Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife

Hey there! I am Hannah Davis. I grew up the middle of five children. It was a crazy life sometimes but I am so thankful for it. I have a deep love for babies - once I get one in my arms, good luck getting them back! I have an amazing husband, Levi. who is so supportive and probably knows more about childbirth than he ever thought he would! We are expecting our first baby this summer and couldn’t be more thrilled! Most importantly, though, is my relationship with Jesus. His love and grace makes this life worth living; and truly is involved in every miraculous step of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Some say I look too young to be practicing midwifery but I can guarantee you that my age has not affected the amount of experience I have gained over the years.

My journey with midwifery began as a very young girl. At the age of 4 I experienced my first home birth with the delivery of my younger brother by two amazing midwives. Around the time I was 10-12 years old I had the opportunity to attend multiple home births with Ann Crowell CPM, LM (the founder of Gentle Beginnings). She told me many times that I would become a midwife one day. At the time I laughed but deep down I think I believed I would become a midwife. Well fast forward to college years where I decided I was going to become a doctor. I got about halfway through my pre-med requirements when I decided that wasn't for me. I moved back to DFW in search of what my next steps would be. After a couple of years of seeking the Lord it took one lunch date with a friend to remind me about my passion for midwifery. In January 2015 I officially began my apprenticeship with Ann Crowell, CPM, LM. She instilled a love for birth in me and a passion for personal maternity care. In August of 2016 Ann unexpectedly passed away. While I couldn't imagine finishing my training or practicing midwifery without her I wanted to carry on her legacy more than anything. Thankfully Michele Massey, CPM, LM took me under her wing and imparted her knowledge to me as I finished my apprenticeship. In the past couple of years I have attended almost 200 births and acted as primary in almost 50 of those. I have now delivered my own sister's baby and walked through this journey with multiple friends.

Natural birth outside of the hospital was a very normal way of childbirth to me. I have always been amazed by the intricate, well-designed process of pregnancy and delivery... from the little tiny flicker of a heartbeat in those first 6 weeks to the sweet cry of a newborn baby being put to his mom's chest. A miracle. Every single time. 

I believe that the birth of your baby is sacred. I believe that the environment in which you deliver your baby is important. I believe that you and your partner should have the opportunity to educate yourself and make choices on where and how that happens. I believe that dads are a valuable part in the whole process and should be included in whatever capacity you as a couple desire.

It is truly a joy to walk through this journey with you and your family. I look forward to potentially meeting you face to face.

Hannah’s Cell: 682-561-4551