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Plant Based Yogurt


For those of you avoiding dairy these are great yogurt recommendations! Whether you are avoiding dairy for your baby while you breastfeed, living a vegan lifestyle, or have eliminated it due to allergies this may be a great to pair with your breakfast or for an afternoon snack. 

"Top 3 Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands

One of my favorite vegan alternatives to enjoy is yogurt. It seems like very recently, brands have been dropping vegan yogurts left and right! It’s such a quick and easy snack, and can be made more filling or decadent depending on your toppings. Yogurt is on our grocery list every single week, and I’m almost positive I’ve tried every brand that my local stores offer. Some I buy every week, while others barely made it down my esophagus. Here are my Top 3 Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands.

My rating system is largely based on taste and texture, with a little emphasis on the ingredients. Just because I love these doesn’t mean you will…but I think you will!"

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Hannah Carrigan