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Colleen Faith Sangjun's Birth Story

"You still here? You haven't popped yet?"  As I walked down the hall of my church I wondered if that was the only thing people could think of saying to me when they saw me still pregnant, overdue and huge. 
  In fact I went 11 days over due. I had an irritable uterus for around 10 weeks, and the past two weeks I had been having contractions off and on. Sometimes rough ones sometimes close together but they always ended with no baby on its way. At my 40 week check up the baby was still transverse so Ann (my midwife) did a version and told me to go walk my hide off. I was miserable and grumpy but I obeyed and at my 41 week check up she was head down, and in position to be born! I was actually thankful to be overdue, I didn’t care that I was a week late; emotionally at 41 weeks I was in a very good state of mind, better then at 40 weeks and so thankful that my baby was going to come when she was ready and not be forced out because of impatience or somebody’s schedule. People felt sorry for me, they automatically assumed I was an emotional wreck and so I understood, I was horribly uncomfortable and miserable, physically but what really matters is what was going on in my head. I was fine. God had blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with this pregnancy and I was going to be patient and happy and wait on His timing.

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Colleen Faith’s Birth story:


   I woke up Sunday on October 23rd feeling different. Usually I’d wake up, get up and start the day. That day I woke up and stayed down. I was nauseous, tired, irritable and having stomach problems. I felt weak and smells bothered me, and I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t pin point it but deep down I knew this was the beginning of my labor, but I didn’t want to say it out loud. I called my birth team one by one to let them know of my condition. My doula suggested me trying to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich and getting lots of rest. Nubun suggested that I should take a walk.
    I didn't jump on that suggestion so to speak.
He only mentioned it once.  All I wanted to do was sleep! So that is what I did. Nubun took care of everything and made sure I got my rest. When I woke up from my nap I ate a sandwich and started feeling better, so I decided to roam my neighborhood sidewalks. Nubun and the girls walked with me. It was beautiful outside and the sunshine and fresh air felt good on my skin. Throughout the whole walk I was having contractions and I felt a lot of pelvic pressure. I knew it was almost time but having so many false alarms made me doubt at the same time. I grabbed Nubun’s hand as we were nearing the house. “I know I am in the early stage of labor, I just know it! But…” I said a little disappointingly “I just wish I could have a CLEAR sign!”

   About 3 minutes later at around 6:50 that Sunday afternoon I leaned up against our SUV to rest and I felt a gush!     Whoooosh! Out came the Amazon river! I immidately got chill bumps on my arms. I closed my eyes and breathed in the beauty of it all! The beginning of the journey to meet my little girl!
    I think about this moment and I get tears in my eyes. It may sound silly to some but with every pregnancy I have always wanted to have my water break on its own, at home, announcing the beginning of my labor so that I could be able to say:

 “Nubun! My water just broke! It's time!" Well, God gave me this little desire of my heart AND my CLEAR sign!

  Nubun ran up to me and looked at the wet ground. His eyes were big (Imagine that! Ha-ha) and he said “Are you sure?”  I nodded my head with a firm “Uh yeah!” I smiled and walked inside the house leaving a trail of evidence. His voice followed me as he kept on repeating.
   “Are you sure? You sure? ANDREA, ARE YOU SURE!”

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