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Foodie Friday - Pregnancy and Beyond

This Foodie Friday is going to take the time to introduce you to some dear former clients of ours who will be providing a lot of tasty tips for you in the near future! Meet the Baumgartners! 

"I think we’ve done pretty well showing you the “food side”‘of our lives, so it’s about time we get a little more personal. 

One thing that fueled me into making this blog was the birth of our son, Lennon. While he doesn’t know it, he’s a big reason why baumassfoods exists. Even before he was born, we agreed how important it was to have our child make healthy food choices & be involved with us in the kitchen (we’re secretly wishing he’ll have his own show on food network one day). 

While I didn’t necessarily enjoy every moment of pregnancy (especially towards the end), I did enjoy eating a vegan diet throughout it all. Yup – I was vegan for about 1.5 years before I got pregnant up until right after I delivered Lennon (my first postpartum meal was IHOP pancakes). I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy & unmedicated birth, thanks to the team and my midwife, Michele @ Gentle Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center..."

To read more hop on over to their blog here!  

Hannah Carrigan