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The Birth of Hayes

My due date had come and gone by almost two weeks, so when I woke up to some pretty regular contractions and bloody show on a Friday morning, I was thrilled.  Unfortunately, the contractions didn’t stay regular, and I went through the weekend with multiple false alarms.  That Sunday evening, my water broke during a particularly intense contraction.  The contractions got very strong after that, and lasted for several hours and on and off during the night, but had stopped on Monday morning.  

I met with my midwife, Michele, at noon to do a membrane sweep and check on baby.  Baby was fine, but I was at the end of my patience rope.  We decided to try castor oil (ew), so I followed the regimen given to me by Michele, although I really had little hope that it would work.  Around dinner that night, my contractions became considerably more intense, but still not quite regular. My in-laws were at our house to hang out with our older kids, so my husband and I decided to go to our room and have some quiet time and watch TV together.  We were enjoying the peace and quiet when, around 9:30pm, I told my husband to turn off the TV because my contractions were really intense and I was having trouble concentrating.  From that moment, everything went so fast.  

The contractions were all of a sudden right on top of each other and SO intense.  I got into the bath to see if they would let up, which they did not.  I had been in the bath for about 15 minutes and suddenly got very weepy and told my husband not to leave the room.  At this point I knew it was not a false alarm and baby was on the way.  At some point, my husband let Michele know I needed her, although I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing that I don’t know when that was.  She arrived at 11:30 and said it sounded like I was in transition.   I didn’t believe her because I’d only been in active labor for 2 hours.  I thought there was no possible way.  She checked me and said I was dilated to a 10 and baby’s head was right there.

My husband, who had yet to be convinced that I was REALLY in labor now, started rushing to fill up the birth pool.  Just after midnight, the pool was full and I got in.  After that, my contractions really weren’t painful anymore...all I felt was the urge to push during them.  I pushed for a total of 8 minutes, and our surprise gender boy was born into his dad’s hands at 12:31 am on August 2 at exactly 42 weeks.